July 24, 2014

Caleruega, Batangas - July 18-19

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Because weird HAHAHAHA

June 28, 2014
I love you so much. ❤

I love you so much. ❤

Island Hopping

Stop #1: Magic Island: wanted to cliff dive but too scared hehe

Mi henna tattoo!

Me, my mom and lola.

Stop #2: Forgot the name, but we did snorkel!

Stop #3: Puka Beach! Whatever you do, please don’t eat at Papa Jack’s. The service is terrible and the food are so overpriced for its taste and ambiance.

L-R: Kianah, Me, Angel and Kuya. This shot was before we ride the flying fish! 

The struggle of hanging on to dear life and not falling off. I swear I was whispering to myself “konti nalang kaya mo yan” because it was so damn hard! My hands were all red from groping too hard. But it was the most fun and exciting thing probably Boracay has to offer!

ATV Ride

Sky Cycle! It looks simple but with the cycles actually squeaking throughout the ride, I was scared huhu

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Tagged with: Boracay · Gleytravels ·

Boracay: Our Stay!

May 20, 2014

My travel mantra: if I enjoyed in the hotel, there’s 80% chance I also enjoyed the place. Because who’ll enjoy vacation if the one place you’ll spend relaxing after a long day of activities is not praise-worthy? 

And… *drum rolls* Boracay Regency certainly made it to the list of my favorite hotels I’ve ever stayed at. It was modern, it was relaxing, it has McDonald’s inside, its rooms were spacey, and it has swimming pools for each building! Man, I could stay there forever. 

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Boracay: The Trip!

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If there’s something I would never ever skip to do during summer is to hit the beach. As I have mentioned in my other blogs, I have always loved swimming and I don’t mind getting basked in the sun (but well, maybe not for too long). So when my parents asked me to book a flight to Boracay, I was more than excited to! 

We flew Cebu Pacific on May 9, Friday. Despite all the bad reviews, the air company delivered well and we even arrived in Caticlan five minutes ahead of time. It was also my first time to fly domestic, so terminal 3 quite impressed because it was nothing like terminals 1 & 2. But the boarding gates are still very much crowded.

No touristy airport shots because tamad.

Boracay airport was so small! It was cute actually. But small. Maybe it’s cute because it’s small? I don’t know. But when we got there, the transfer service we booked from our hotel was already waiting. It included one super short van ride to the shores, a speed boat ride and another 10 minutes at the van. The transfer was quite pricey but it was worth the moolah because it was a smooth ride! I’d pay anything just not to get lost and/or line up.

An estimate of 2 hours later, we arrived at Boracay Regency; probably the best hotel in Station 2. 

Next: Boracay: Our Stay!

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May 19, 2014 / 1 ♥
Me: Susubukan kong magkatalent

Me: Susubukan kong magkatalent

April 29, 2014
Look who just came in from work and decided to pick on my driving skills. HAHA But it’s my first time to drive at night so I may have needed a gummy bear passenger to cheer me up ❤️

Look who just came in from work and decided to pick on my driving skills. HAHA But it’s my first time to drive at night so I may have needed a gummy bear passenger to cheer me up ❤️

Question from Anonymous

April 26, 2014

ano po yung madalas mong gamit na lippy? and what color? gusto ko po kasing bumili kaso di ko po alam kung anong color babagay sakin ;(

You can never go wrong with red or red orange shades! In 2 It yung brand na ginagamit ko ngayon. Tomato yata yung color :)

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