Island Cove; The Quick Getaway!

April 19, 2014 / 1 ♥


Located 10 minutes away from our home, it has always been one of our summer escapes since I was a child. I have been to this place for so many times you’d think I’d be tired of it. But because I have always been a water baby - everything that has a pool excites me; we went for a go last Thursday!

My parents and me and my siblings decided to get separate but consecutive rooms. After we’re settled, me and my sister decided to take a walk with our dog Jiggly and take some pictures along the way. 



Jiggly has always been so makulit and she loves to run so much that she doesn’t even mind walking with us when its screeching hot outside. But we had to tie her around posts sometimes because we’re busy taking pictures, and she’d panic - but after some reassuring that we’re not going anywhere, she’ll patiently wait for us. 



When the sun finally calmed down, we decided to take a swim at the Oceania. 






I’m just so proud of my shot of my brother. HAHA

Afterwards, we ate dinner at The Fishing Village and walked back to our room instead of taking the tram. It’s nice to breathe in some cold breeze at night, you know. The next morning, we ate breakfast and went back to Oceania. Though it’s really really hot, we managed to slide down the super thrilling slides that even I, at my age, still get shit scared. Ha! After hours, we prepared ourselves and went off to Yellowcab for lunch.

I really don’t know how to end this post so here’s a picture of Jiggly while we’re hanging out by the porch. 


HAHA That’s what her “What the pug” look. 

The Project Pie Experience

April 14, 2014 / 1 ♥

My family has always been fond of trying out different places to eat. Our plan to eat at Project Pie has long existed but we always had no time to push it through - until yesterday! My mom is out of town for a reunion so me, my dad and my other siblings were left on our own! And as you may guess, my dad, who is also a fan of malls and everything that makes us happy, drove us to Blue Bay Walk. 

We were looking at the menu when a girl approached us and asked, “Is it your first time? Would you want me to walk you through the process?” And we were like, sure! Me and my sister thought she was charming and the way she talks makes her look even prettier! 

So we head out to the jungle and ordered up a red pizza! I chose to build my own instead of picking the already prepared ones because, hell, getting to do your own pizza is the whole sense of Project Pie, right? 

And as you may know, as the picky eater I am, I only chose mozarella, ricotta, bacon, pepperoni, grilled chicken and crumbled meatballs to top my pizza. Yep, no veggies. 

And oh! The crew were having a hard time spelling out my name (even though I have already spelled G L E Y five times to them) so the they were all shouting, “Gley!” “Gley?” “What? Gley?” and the like. They looked funny. 

The other thing that amazed me was their Drink Up Station! Apparently, you can refill your cup and drink all you can. And I have always been a fan of refilling my own cup using these little machines. 

In conclusion, I think whoever made Project Pie was clever! The concept, the design and everything was entirely unique. It deserves all the buzz it’s getting now. :-)

That’s my dad, me and my sister. My little brother, Liam, took this photo for us. My oldre brother was late so… no picture for him! :p

February 21, 2014

February 14, 2014 - Tagaytay with my love ❤️

February 10, 2014 / 1 ♥

While saying goodbye to Simon tonight, being the clutz that I am, I accidentally bumped my head to our gate! Huhu I started crying and Simon was laughing so hard and hugging me and saying “Babyyy” and kissing my head all the same time. Dat boy.

It’s just nice having someone who will (make fun) and accept all of your clumsiness and lags in life.

Two Shoots in A Day

February 05, 2014 / 1 ♥

Date Taken: February 2, 2014
Place: Balite Falls, Amadeo, Cavite

Date Taken: February 2, 2014
Place: Island Cove

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Photography Sesh With Mi Girls

February 05, 2014





Top to bottom: Danica, Christine & Shelly.




Date Taken: February 3, 2014
Place: DLSU Manila

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January 25, 2014
Lunch at Vikings today!

Lunch at Vikings today!

Hi Ate Gley! :) Belated Happy Birthday! Hehe. Curious lang, nag-aaway ba kayo ni Kuya Simon? :) based on your posts, parang bihira lang kayo magkaron ng lq, puro happy moments lang. :3 haha.

Thank you!  Tinanong ko si Simon eto sabi niya: “Bihira nga lang. :) Pag PMS mo lang. Pag may PMS ka, mapapatay mo ko eh. HAHAHAHA” Pero sobrang saglit lang non, mga five minutes after okay na kami. Haha!

It’s my birthday!

January 24, 2014 / 1 ♥

God, how often can I say that line a year and not look epal? Once. So here I am announcing to the world that it is my nineteenth birthday (though I kinda dread not being 18 anymore)!

Again, if you’re interested on what the eff I did today, continue reading.

My morning went on just as usual. I planned on waking up early to take a morning walk with Jiggly but failed to, which made us do a 12 noon walk instead. It was still fun anyway!

After lunch, I headed to my room and watched the new episode of Pretty Little Liars AND oddly found it draggy! I used to like that series a lot but now… I don’t know. Maybe I have loved HIMYM so much I’m unable to love anything else anymore. (hahahaha weird yes)

And then, at about two in the afternoon, this happened:

Not a minute after, I heard his car, ran through the doors and thought “I knew it.” It took me seconds to realize something was written on his window shield! 

Huhu :”> I have suspected he’d do this because he actually got me scramming through National Bookstore the other day for a pentelpen that could write on glass with tint! He, of course, made up a story and I, being the very nice girlfriend who’d never want to spoil a surprise, (kind of) believed it anyway. Yep, I was at the terrace (with my hair rollers on) when I asked him to pose beside it and ran to my room to get my camera. Ha!

I let him in and he immediately handed me his gift. He asked me to open it N-O-W like a child who’s getting impatient when you’re taking too long to open his candy. And I did! Here’s what’s inside:

A cute fluffy bear (of which he claims na siya daw yun kasi malaki mata) with almost the same name as his! Look it even has glittery eyes :”>

My favorite chocolates, which I may or may not have demanded.

And a letter!! Huhu as you may (not) know, I lost the one that he gave me on our anniversary! I don’t know what evil got that but I’m happy I have one again! It got me crying as usual, because dude, it’s hard to be on your PMS on your birthday and besides, it’s really sweet!

We then headed to our village’s playground to do my photography homework with Jiggly as my muse. 

But because of some matters, I decided to not push thru and go home instead. After a little while, Simon and I headed out to Army Navy! 

Two things: It was his first time there and he totally enjoyed the burrito. I never did. But the burger was outstanding! And don’t let me get started with the freedom fries.

While waiting for the calories to get down, we decided to take some selfies! Here are some:

Before heading home, I decided to take a couple of more decent pictures of his car.

We headed home and ate a little more. He had to go home after an hour or two; but that’s okay (actually I could’ve used a few more hours because I’m clingy) because we’ll see each other again tomorrow anyway for my 3rd day of celebration!

Oh! My dad bought me this huge cake from Conti’s and it is soooo yummy!

I am always excited about birthdays and for the last eighteen years I didn’t know why, but today I discovered an answer. It is because no matter how normal you start your day, it will, forever and always, end with your heart full of happiness because the ones you love will always try their best to make you feel a little more special that day.

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